Mesker in St. Louis?

Earlier this week a Mesker storefront was identified at 4273 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in St. Louis, Missouri. This shouldn’t be a surprising discovery in the hometown of Mesker Brothers Iron Works. But it is. The storefront is only the second extant Mesker example in St. Louis. More interestingly, it is by the George … Continue reading

Show Me MO

The latest issue of Show Me Missouri, a quarterly travel magazine, features a great article about Mesker facades by Jim Winnerman, who in recent memory has already written several Mesker pieces. Entitled Pressed for Time, the article provides the usual historic information about the companies and their products, but the real treat lies in Jim’s profiling of … Continue reading

1,000th Town with Meskers – California, Missouri

We can now say that Meskers found their way into at least 1,000 towns in North America. How’s that for impact? The latest group of identified buildings is from California, Missouri, which breaks the 1,000th mark of confirmed communities with Mesker facades. 997 are in the United States and 3 are in Canada. The total … Continue reading