Lethal Mesker

Over 1,000 buildings with Mesker building components ceased to be for a myriad of reasons including fires, tornadoes, urban renewal, neglect, stupid men, or their combination. However, only one Mesker’s demise was planned to be a spectacular visual effect immortalized on the silver screen. Orlando’s third City Hall (but first built for this purpose) was … Continue reading

Mesker Automotive Buildings

In the 1950s, Geo. L. Mesker Steel Corp. (formerly Geo. L. Mesker & Co.) designed and engineered several structures for the automotive industry. In addition to the Multi-Park (“a sectional, all-steel parking shelter of modernistic design”), the company offered an entire sub-class of its standard sectional prefabricated buildings intended for car dealerships and appropriately dubbed … Continue reading


This is a Mesker of a totally different kind. In the 1950s, George L. Mesker & Co. – by then renamed Geo. L. Mesker Steel Corp. – manufactured and promoted the Multi-Park, “a sectional, all-steel parking shelter of modernistic design.” Lauded as “the newest in engineering design” the shelter consisted of standardized sections to accommodate any … Continue reading